Android Beat Sony And Nintendo In Revenues From Mobile Games

First quarterly revenues from mobile games on Android have surpassed the game portable Sony, and most surprising, Nintendo, whose handheld 3DS is the best-selling device of the company. Would that iOS and Android are succeeding in the world of portable games?

For quite some time iOS became the platform entering more money through games Mobile or portable, even surpassing the consoles created for this purpose. However, the most recent study of the IDC analysis firm ensures that Android has joined this trend, and it is that during the second quarter of the year, Android games managed more revenue than the Sony, or Nintendo’s portable gaming.

Although iOS is still leader in this regard, and with a great advantage, the surprising thing about the case is that Google Android Play games have exceeded revenues stemming from the sale of games for the Nintendo 3DS, the best-selling portable console in the world and the main source of income for Nintendo now.

IDC Android Games

The reasons for this are no surprise. Little by little, we have seen the decrease in sales of portable games, surpassed by mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and of course, the iPod Touch, which although technically it is not, is considered by many studies like ‘PSP video game best-selling in history’.

On the other hand we must take into account the interest of the players in this class of portable or mobile games, which seems more aimed at casual games to pass the time, and at times, more than actually playing for hours and hours on a handheld, or even on a smartphone or tablet.

An iPod Touch has an average price of $200, almost what it costs a 3DS or PlayStation Vita (which recently saw his discounted rate). However, the big difference is in the price of games, that in 3DS and Vita round $40, while a game for iPhone or Android is available from free with advertising or free-to-play model, up to a maximum of about 6 or 8 dollars per title, in the case of the most expensive.

3DS zelda ocarina of time

I fully understand that 3DS and Vita offer unique features that mobile phones, starting with the exclusive titles, or much more elaborate games that play something like DOTS or Candy Crush. But viewing it from the point of view of the majority of the public, seeking to play something in your spare time when you aren’t at home, becomes more attractive the idea of buying a game on a mobile device that you already have, before you spend $300 between a console and two games.

Sony showed that it is looking for other ways to boost Vita, by lowering the price of the console and of course, offering unique features like the possibility of remote gaming with PlayStation 4, giving him a major attraction to the portable Console (in addition to this huge catalog of games indies who managed to draw my attention). Nintendo, has many exclusive franchise that has always been its main attraction, and that child or juvenile public who is its largest customer for the 3DS (his greatest, but not the only).

Still must change slightly from its business model, reduce the price of games or implement more titles (unfortunately) free-to-play, if they want to compete with those games Android and iOS which offer an advantage very clear before the 3DS and Vita: are cheap titles for a device we already have, without doing a considerable expense in a console.

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