Best Web Browsers For iPhone And iPad

Safari is the web browser of  iOS, the application you use to browse the Internet if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It has evolved with each new version, but does not always provide what we need, so we go to an alternative browser is essential to make the most of the Internet. To meet all your navigational needs are concerned, I offer you a choice of Web browsers for iPhone and iPad that will surprise you with its many features. There is something for everyone.

Selection started with a list of popular browsers, either because they have their correspondence in Windows and OS X or because they have managed to build a reputation on different platforms. In any case, all browsers, free or paid, are alternatives to consider because all offer additional features which you will find in Safari.

Most Popular Web Browsers For iPhone And iPad

Chrome (Free)

After Safari, and if we consider Web browsers for Windows and OS X, the most popular is Chrome, the Google browser, which allows you to sync your browsing data using your Google account between devices. Its design is very successful and offers tabs and incognito mode, among other functions.

Opera Mini (Free)

The mobile version of Opera is also available on iOS, so you can enjoy this alternative browser that offers great speed, quick access to bookmarks, tabs preview and other options to save and share pages.

Coast by Opera (Free)

This browser is the latest addition to this list of Web browsers for iPhone and iPad. Opera has redesigned the concept browser to best take advantage of gestures and the screen of your mobile device. The experience is very nice and makes navigation more comfortable.

Dolphin Browser (Free)

We can not close this list of most popular browsers without citing iOS, in my opinion, is the best alternative. Dolphin Browser offers a host of options that will be very practical as tabs synchronization between devices, support for tabs, text links or send your browser to Windows or OS X, gestures to perform actions and more.

Dual Browser

Available in free and paid version, Dual Browser navegadr proposes two pages at once by dividing the screen into two, so that you can open links from one panel to another. Like other browsers, you have private browsing guarado favorites and images, and other special functions, such as user agents to display a page like on your computer.

Atomic Web Browser

This other browser, to fees, plus tabbed browsing, full screen mode and incognito mode offers various search engines, as well as a download manager, changer user agent and ad blocker.

Perfect Web Browser

Similar to the previous browser, Perfect Web Browser also offers its own download manager, ad blocking and eyelashes. In addition, Perfect Web Browser you can upload files to Dropbox and Google Drive directly from the browser.

Skyfire (2.69 € )

In what stands Skyfire is to offer support for video and Flash content. Furthermore, to add further improvements through extensions. On the other hand, has social features to share content on Facebook or Twitter.

Mercury Browser

Another heavyweight browsers, with tabs, bookmark syncing with desktop browsers ( Firefox and Chrome ), Dropbox integration, support for full screen and ad blocking. Also noteworthy is the use of gestures to navigate.

Diigo Browser (Free)

An interesting browser, easier than the previous ones, but it also features useful functions such as multiple search engines, search results in real time, reading list, option to share on social networks and incognito mode.

Puffin Web Browser

Another browser that supports Flash videos and content, as well as downloading of files, synchronization of eyelashes extensions and improvements to share on Facebook, save to Evernote or translate pages.

Cloud Maxthon Browser (Free)

We ended up with a proposal focused on sync bookmarks between devices in a practical and transparent. It also has download manager, private browsing, and support for tabs.

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