Find Out All The Information Of Your Hardware With Speccy

Know your computer is not always easy: it is made up of parts from different manufacturers, with different models and unique specifications. However, sometimes it is necessary to know information from your hardware, such as the type of RAM installed, internal connections, if the CPU provides support for certain technology… To know all these data and many more on your machine, there are programs that offer this information, in addition to the information that you will find in the device manager from Windows itself. One of the programs of this type most popular and easy to use, is Speccy.

Speccy is a program of Piriform, the makers of CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, three tools very useful for cleaning windows, recover deleted files by accident and defragment the hard disk, respectively. For its part, Speccy serves to obtain information from your hardware, very useful if you have to change anything on your computer or repair it. Although you can use it free of charge, there is available a version of payment that adds support.

Basically, Speccy works with a single window where it shows a listing of the components of your computer, in addition to a summary by way of summary generic. The information that offers Speccy revolves around the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, optical drives (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray … ), audio, peripherals and network.

In the case of “operating system”, not only get all the info on the version of Windows, installation date and serial number, you will also see a list of the configuration of Windows, with information about the active services, security options, duration of the current meeting, state of the battery and power profile and so onto “Peripheral”, you will get data from any device connected to your computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, a graphics tablet, a printer, scanner, webcam, etc. Normally peripherals are better known that the internal components of a computer, but who knows what you can discover glancing at this section of Speccy.

What else can you do with Speccy?

In addition to consulting information of your hardware, this program also allows you to save this information for future reference and compare it with the specifications of other computers, etc. , in this sense, Speccy works with what is called snapshots. You can create them, open them from other teams and publish them. When you select the option “Publish snapshot”, will create a URL link from which anyone can access your computer specifications. In this way, if you ask for help from a friend, this will know what type of computer you have and which may be caused by the problem. That if, for security reasons will be deleted personal data such as IP address or the serial number of Windows. These summaries of information can also be saved to more standardized formats such as XML or TXT file, in addition to be able to print it on paper.

Another very useful option of Speccy is the ability to integrate in the system tray to display information in real time. From “Options > Advanced” you can enable this option and decide that metric configure and freshening them up every few seconds.

Speccy is something far from programs of this type, as the mythical Everest (now AIDA64).  In any case, with each new version, Speccy adds new options that show you so you don’t lose detail that is hidden inside your computer. In addition, the integration of metrics in the system tray will be very useful to know the real-time performance of your PC or if you are warming much.

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