Five Alternatives To Dropbox With File Encryption

Dropbox has really revolutionized the way we share files. I am not referring to pictures that got on Facebook or Twitter, but the way that companies, especially small businesses, can form a kind of virtual file cabinet where all relevant documents. Today, Dropbox is not only a major player, but we also have other heavyweights like SkyDrive, Google Drive, the more entrepreneurial Box, Mega, entrepreneurship that emerged from the ashes of Megaupload, and many more. However, security sometimes leaves much to be desired. So today we will examine some safe alternatives to Dropbox, mostly related to file encryption.

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While it is a secure application for most of the basic needs of users in the past Dropbox has had some major missteps related to account security and passwords. And this, in a business environment, not something you can afford. Therefore, many companies still resist the move to the cloud, for just cause. Why no local storage when it is much safer to have the files “in the air”, where they can be accidentally deleted or worse, where our personal and business information can be accessed by malicious elements?

Secondly, one of the “cons” of Dropbox at least for smaller businesses is its price. It is not the same as a large company hires Dropbox plan a small business, you may not are contemplating cloud storage within your budget. But we’re going for it. In fact, what we see here are safe alternatives to Dropbox, and to sleep more peacefully, we have compiled a list of the most popular deals on the market. As always, are welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.


If what you seek is a collaborative tool where we can also share files completely safe, then TeamDrive may be a good choice. We can synchronize folders on multiple devices. Each of these folders is called ” space ” a virtual workspace. It has a base 2GB of free storage, and if we increase it will have to pay any of the payment plans. Furthermore, in regard to the encryption of data, TeamDrive encrypts files according to certain devices. That is, only those authorized to view files from a given device, can access.


SpiderOak is a safe alternative to the more traditional and used Dropbox market. In fact, for them the business lies more on the side of security for cloud storage. What it does is generate encryption keys through the password you created, and the password only we have. According to the company, not even the employees can access our files. What we have to do is select the folders you want to bring safely to the cloud, and update the files when making changes in the folder will be done automatically. We also find 2GB of free storage, with some potential to increase our space referring to our friends to the service.


This is also a known player in the cloud market, and also makes safety their primary concern. Encryption of files is done locally on our computer, before they hit the web. It has a very similar performance to Dropbox, as it allows us to generate a sync folder. But there is a fundamental difference is that we can access Wuala as if it were a network drive over. It has a desktop application that allows us to manage our files easily, and is one of the most reliable if you ‘re looking for an alternative business.


One of the disadvantages of Tresorit is that does not have a web version at all. We need to have the application installed in order to access our archives, and in this sense, makes it one of the safest alternatives to Dropbox most coveted. To provide $ 10,000 a hacker to be able to bypass security. Going back to what we want, Tresorit uses AES 256 encryption to protect our files. While Dropbox and prior service we offer 2GB free only in the case of Tresorit can enjoy a bit more and have 5GB of entry. They also have plans for those who need a little more. It is available for Windows, and are still developing mobile applications, which can be a bit cumbersome for those with different devices. But if we work in a Windows environment, is a good tool for collaborative work.

BitTorrent Sync

Regarding safe alternatives to Dropbox, this is one of the most viable. Why? Because directly pass through the cloud saves and implements the peer-to -peer that we know from other of its products developed, the BitTorrent client. BitTorrent Sync allows us to link folders between multiple devices without having to go through external servers. The files are stored only locally and do file transfers in encrypted form. It is not complicated to use, since it also lets us select the folder you ‘re going to want to sync. Technically, we’re not talking about cloud storage, but it does give us another layer of security by allowing us to avoid having to host the files on an external server. In addition, we will be using our device space so you do not have to worry about buying special plans.

What if we want to stay alone with Dropbox?

It’s understandable, since it is one of the most used services in the world when it comes to storage. In addition, any service we can guarantee 100 percent that nothing will happen, ever, with our records. Therefore, if we choose the absolute protection we can always continue to use Dropbox, but encrypting the files before doing our side. We have many tools to encrypt files, and in addition, you can also opt for the known BoxCryptor, a tool specifically designed for information that went up to Dropbox.

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