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Last month I started using Linux for the first time, and one of the most popular features in a lot of the distros that I tried out is the intellihide element. This is a feature which can be applied to the section and various dock applications (ie. Docky, Cairo).

Sadly, this is a feature which is currently absent in Mac OS X, even though there is the similar autohide element. For Mac users who are not familiar with intellihide, here’s a small explanation of both.

Autohide compared to Intellihide

I’m sure you’re acquainted with the autohide feature for your Mac dock. This simply hides your dock dealt with until you move your mouse on the dock’s location. So in case you have your dock on the bottom of the screen, whenever you move your mouse as a result of the bottom the dock will pop up and then disappear as soon as you move your mouse aside again. This is slightly different from the intellihide feature present in Linux.

With intellihide, the panel or dock is hidden only when it overlaps any window inside the active window group (currently targeted windows). This means that so long as a window does not overlap the dock, it’ll remain in sight. Nonetheless, once a window covers it (ie. you improve a window), then it’ll disappear. To bring the dock back you are able to still move your mouse on the dock’s location to see it back up, or you are able to simply move the window from the dock’s area.

As you’re able see, intellihide is move hassle-free and means less meet your needs. So now, here’s ways to get the Mac’s dock to intellihide as an alternative to autohide.

Add Intellihide for you to MacThere’s a useful little Mac application referred to as DockIntellihide. app that will permit you to add the intellihide element to the dock within just minutes. You can download the modern version from Github. As soon as downloaded, drag the DockIntellihide file to your Applications folder.

As soon as you open the application, it will quickly work immediately. If there is a window over the boat dock area, the dock is going to be hidden. If not, the dock will in sight. In this fashion, you can easily test drive it out to see exactly how it works. There are no preferences or anything due to this application; it just works.

Since it’s hard showing a feature like this inside a screenshot, I’ve provided a fast screencast below of DockIntellihide. app doing his thing.It’s also important to know that you simply must have “enable access pertaining to assistive devices” checked away in system preferences in order for this app to do the job. If you don’t are enabled, you’ll be prompted to accomplish this once you open DockIntellihide. iphone app. To do this, start System Preferences, click on Accessibility (under the machine section) and then check the box alongside “enable access for assistive devices. ”Enable access pertaining to assistive devices in Mac OS X.

If you want the feature, you could also want to add it to your Login Items (System Preferences -> Users & Groupings -> Login Items). Just go through the plus button to include the DockIntellihide. app.

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