Mick Dodge, The Man Who Has Lived 25 Years In A Tree

25 years ago, Mick Dodge had a revelation. When he went to leave her father’s ashes to the mountain, he realized he wanted to no longer live in modern civilization. I was bored of society and constantly suffering from physical pain, especially in the feet. He returned home where he lived with his wife and children and worked as a mechanic, but it was only to say goodbye. Dodge went to live with nature, specifically the Hoh forest of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Just arrived your shelter was constructed on the trunks of trees that survive covered in mold, then decided to take off his shoes and began to feel how these improved. “Not only my feet were healing, but my back pain, neck pain and almost all the heartache disappeared, and before long was running back, leaving my sedentary life, stressed, sedated and gave me the modern world, “he explains.

Nature has become an essential part of the life of Mick Dodge. feeds on the wild fruits that achieves collect, manufactures its own clothing with materials found in the forest and only uses natural medicine to heal. Some people who have visited the forest have confused this unique character with Bigfoot, have even reported to the police. However, Dodge, former veteran of Vietnam, is already used to this kind of reaction. He does not change by anything your lifestyle: walking several miles every day, and sometimes share with a community of mountaineers that live near.

His story is enviable and inspired National Geographic released a program called “The Legend of Mick Dodge,” which has not been without controversy. At first, the channel proposed  a chapter to Dodge and ask him to hunt a bear, which was rejected by him. Instead, the 62-year warned the production that if he wanted to make a program with its history should show the reality and adapt to their particular lifestyle. The money generated will be donated to EarthWisdom Olympic Mountain Circle, nonprofit organization that seeks to raise awareness on environmental protection. It was the same Mick Dodge who asked that the money be donated because he refused to receive remuneration for the program. share the amazing history of Mick Dodge with your family and friends.

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