Samsung And Sony Lowered The Prices Of Their 4K TVS

4K Ultra HD TV offer the quad resolution that Full HD tvs. A year ago, European consumers were beginning to have its scope the first models, including spectacular screens with diagonal of 84 inches. The issue is that the prices were at the height of these huge windows crystalline: 84 inches by 25,000 euros. The models 55 and 65 inches were more economical, but remained out of reach of most of the pockets. This is what happens with all the new technologies. In the beginning, the prices are prohibitive, and dwindle as mature. The tvs 4K are the hope of manufacturers to continue to grow and achieve that consumers renew the screen of their lounges.

To increase the volume of sales is necessary to lower the prices. The first to launch this trend has been Sony this summer in the United States by lowering 1,000 dollars to the price of the model of 55 inches and a few $1,500 65-inch. Now it remains Samsung, with similar reductions in its products of similar size. In any way, in the United States are available tvs 4K of less well-known brands cheaper. For example, the last month of June Seiki began to sell a TV 4K of 39 inches for $700. Now American consumers can compare tvs 4K 50-inch Seiki and TCL for only $1,000 , although its image quality is worse than that of the leaders.

The price cuts come not only from the products that are already on sale in the market. The manufacturers claim to follow a strategy that allows them to maintain margins, with a label more attractive. Consists of introducing into catalog tvs 4K mid-range, with less advanced features that, of course, are cheaper. This is the case of LG Electronics has announced the upcoming launch of two models 4K Ultra HD TV with more modest specifications in the paragraph of the multi-channel sound (only 2.1 instead of 4.1 as the current 4K models). Also, Sony plans to launch two new models more economic, which lack the complex system of speakers for your current series Bravia XBR X900.

Rebates will be coming soon to Europe. In reality, further developments are expected during the upcoming IFA 2013 to be held very soon in Berlin. For example, Philips seeks to present a tv 4K 65-inch price “affordable”.Anyway, the 4K tv still must face the challenge of the contents to be extended by households. It is true that all these appliances are able to re-scale images to ultra high definition from lower quality sources.

However, what is really needed are videos with quality 4k native. It is possible to find in the shops some edited movies on Blu-ray masterizadas in 4K, 1080p, but with a color palette in keeping with the original source. At the beginning of summer, Sony launched a media player for video 4K, the FMP-X1, with an internal hard disk of 2 TB, able to connect to the Internet via Ethernet, which is compatible with the online video service Sony Video Unlimited 4K, which is scheduled to begin in autumn.

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