Sri Lanka Holiday Packages | Tourism Holidays in Sri Lanka

Most of the times, a holiday is self sought for the complete relaxation of the soul, mind and body taking your time off from the routine. In order to change the routine, the only way is to travel to a far off place that offers plenty of privacy and comfort. We understand that a holiday is one where you detach yourself from your everyday life to enjoy new things that you seek. First of all, we invite you with hospitality the moment you land in the foreign country. We also put you up at a luxurious, comfortable, deluxe, standard or extra luxury hotel as soon as you arrive transporting you from the airport to the hotel room.

As soon as you are ready to tour, we will take you to the scheduled destinations such as Kandy, Pinnewala, Botanical Gardens, Tea and Coffee Plantations. Kandy is the rough equivalent of Ooty or Kodaikkanal in Tamil Nadu. The culture and greenery are more profound in Kandy. The UNESCO approves of Kandy as a World Heritage Site. We will take you to the Kandy Lake and take you on a boat ride followed by some intense shopping at the bazaar. As Sri Lanka is famous for its cultural shows, you can see a cultural show before going back to bed at a hotel in Kandy. Have you ever tasted tea in a tea factory? The freshness and the delicious taste of tea is best tasted in a factory. Kandy is known for its tea plantation and processing in factories. We get you the best brand of tea you will ever taste in your life. After we charge you up with the energy provided by the fresh tea, we will take you all the way to the highest peak in Pidurutalagala at an altitude of 8282 feet.

Our Sri Lanka Holiday Package will then transport you to the Yala National Park to have you witness the wild animals such as Elephants, Crocodiles and Leopards in close proximity. You can also see some visiting birds from foreign countries that are of the rare endangered type species. In our Sri Lanka Holiday Tour Package, we will finally move to Colombo city – one of the busiest places in the island nation. The modernized city has still left a large trace of its historic tradition fostered by the British. The traditional British monuments and architecture can still be an important sight even after a couple of centuries. We will auspiciously and sacredly finish your Sri Lanka Holiday Tourism Package with a visit to the temples, churches and Buddhist monasteries.

If you would like to take home something along with your memories, visit the Pettah Bazaar to buy some valuables to take home and gift your loved ones. While you board the flight on your way home, after your Sri Lanka Holiday Packages, you would sure want to utilize our services for other destinations across the Globe.

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