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What exactly do you obtain once you combine style and technology in a single website? certainly! Whether you’re attempting to compare computers or wish to know with regards to the hottest nail colors of the season, has served since the place to go for techies and fashionistas nationwide. Founded during 2009 by Detroit native Christen Rochon, the widely used blog brings the latest technology topics to readers coupled with relatable posts on style and wonder.

Previous to creating the website, Rochon a successful career in radio marketing, but wasn’t creatively fulfilled. The very idea of starting the web page came once she saw that your blog post that spoke to smart, stylish and tech-savvy women like her didn’t exist. Since its launch, has garnered a huge following and instead has partnered with several leading tech brands including Verizon and Samsung. Additionally, the digital lifestyle editor has become invited to communicate in on countless panels and attends tech events for key influencers and experts.As a digital lifestyle correspondent, she’s been tapped to contribute her Ophthalmic Dispensing for assorted outlets for instance TV One, and, and it was also voted a top-notch blogger by Black Enterprise and

We recently involved while using the self-proclaimed “diva/dork” to go over her favorite gadgets, the need for mentorships along with what she’d like all TCI digital media arts students to understand.Investigate Q&A below:

TCI: You then have a radio marketing background, what made you intend to start blogging?

Christen Rochon: That’s this kind of funny story. All my life I desired to remain advertising and wanted to make commercials, on the other hand actually kind of fell in the career of broadcast radio and advertising marketing. I’d been in radio for 10 years-worked in Detroit, MI Charlotte, NC after which it at CBS Radio in Ny. After the while…after simultaneously opportunities, I uncovered myself not feeling as challenged as I’d try to be every day. I really said, I really could become complacent throughout gaming or I possibly could challenge myself and take a step which i like to carry out. I’ve always loved style and technology, but noticed that there was no real websites that fused the 2 main together from such as a girlfriend’s perspective. So, I made the choice to curate content for someone anything like me, having said that i didn’t realize that there was a group of ladies and men around have been in search of the same principal. TCI: Describe a standard morning for yourself.CR: There is no typical morning because I’m always busy. Some mornings, if I’m not traveling, is made up of searching through the paper, web surfing to view what’s trending, and just what your next popular trend in technologies are that week. I also find any recaps of fashion events from your previous night and after that I start writing. By noon, I’m endeavoring to finish off because I have conference calls or have to ready to move out during. Typically with the evening there are actually meetings or events because it’s The big apple and there’s always something taking place!TCI: Blogging could be grueling. Since you’ve skilled the blogging game for six years, where find the motivation to maintain going?CR: Staying motivated is often likely to be an effort. Occasionally I merely don’t feel like blogging and feel exhausted. By the end of the day, exactly what I come up with, I’m excited about. Once you do something that you enjoy, it no longer seems like work or a chore.TCI: Do you have a childhood memory of when you discovered your ex of technology?CR: Yes! My uncle helpful to always bring over different gadgets. Only once it absolutely was a flashlight that doubled being a mirror coupled with a bit of a Swiss Army knife thing taking too. Advertised . appeared as if something from “Inspector Gadget” (laughing)! From the being so interested in how intricately all of the pieces were developed. I was always trying to work out how things are meant and just how they can operate. I used to be constantly taking apart different gadgets that they brings over and then try to placed both of them together. He’d see me wanting to decipher it and however show me. That relationship with my uncle really planted the seed of curiosity when it reached gadgets and just how technology worked.TCI: May sound like he had been a great mentor. How important has mentorship been to suit your needs?CR: Mentorship can be so important. I’ll face it, growing up, about I like technology and gadgets, Irrrve never considered myself as somebody who became strong in science or math-I was more to the creative side. Kids can be intimidated by STEM. I believe Ophthalmic Dispensing is far more important than ever before because we require individuals encourage kids to let them be aware that math, technology don’t should be as difficult while you believe. Math certainly will not become the number one subject for many kids, but it can allow the theifs to discover ways to fix a problem or identify the next cure or technological advancement. I’m like as adults, it’s our responsibility to nurture that interest and curiosity so kids can learn and know the way they could use STEM to further improve their communities, home life plus more.TCI: When you started, perhaps you have seen that more women have embraced their inner dork simply because it relates to the tech space?CR: Nowadays it’s cool to become a nerd! Most importantly just embracing individuality and being one’s true self is being more accepted than when I first started blogging. There are a variety of other blogs which have started since i have started that embrace the exact same idea as well.TCI: What’s the most effective business advice you’ve most people have struggled given?CR: I do think the most effective business advice I’ve ever received would be to keep working and don’t stop. It’s really easy to have discouraged and also stop. However, you outlast the next individual who wants to quit for those who last. In the event you keep going, that next opportunity can be right around the corner.TCI: As being a techie queen, precisely what is your all-time favorite mobile app?CR: Instagram. Everyone loves it! It’s entertaining, doesn’t please take a great deal of time and instant gratification.TCI: Exactly what are your top three favorite gadgets?CR: Ok, I’ll commence with the first: my selfie stick! We always demand more arm length to acquire that perfect group selfie with friends, right (laughing)? I just just used it backstage in the Tracy Reese show on this past Fashion Week. It had become a powerful way to capture the action of the models and makeup artists. It provided a bird’s eye view, rather than attempting to move with the competition. My second favorite gadget may be the Samsung 9500mAh Dual Charger. You can use it to plug up multiple devices because of its multi-use adapter. There are a whole lot energy you are able to charge some misconception to a few times! I never leave the house without one. My last favorite is my Sol Republic wireless headphones. I don’t go anywhere without, particularly if I’m traveling. I really like them because they’re so comfortable, noise cancelling, as well as because they’re wireless.TCI: Congrats on like a component of Verizon’s Black History Month “The Potential of Us” initiative. Tell me about that partnership.CR: Thanks a lot! I’ve for ages been an advocate for Verizon and also have been a person for some time. They approached me since they felt we was obviously a trailblazer for creating They planned to consult me regarding the fact that learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), computer-programming and technology in the communities together with children at the same time. According to that conversation, they thought it becomes best if you wardrobe conversation on camera. A few weeks later, I see myself over a video!TCI: Inform me about Digital Sorority, your collaboration with fellow online digital influencers and media personalities Kela Walker and Ty Alexander. Are you going to provide mentorship programs for kids?CR: The aim of digital Sorority would be to build a community of ladies that support one other in the digital and blogging space. Once that happens we definitely have a prepare for a mentorship program for younger ladies in highschool and junior high school.TCI: What advice are you experiencing for TCI students aiming to try the digital media space?CR: I’d actually tell them to believe differently and to be okay to be able. Steve jobs thought differently and that’s why Apple is really what it is actually today. The individuals that think differently and make something of worth and substance, but have a big stake in being unique are the type of who will drive change and innovation. They’re and also ones who’ll really reach your goals in the near future.TCI: What’s next for Right now I’ve a lifestyle and travel brand called, and a automotive brand, I’m also finalizing my latest venture, which trains people of nearly every age the fundamentals of STEM and on-line. It’s not just for to help them to educate yourself on the skills, but to position that knowledge to effective use. It’s not just for them to educate yourself on the skills, but to place that knowledge to effective use. §This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this:Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)…or something like this:The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.As a new WordPress user, you should go to your dashboard to delete this page and create new pages for your content. Have fun!

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